March 2, 2009

The Nature of Possession

ok so everything i am, i suppose my soul, which is emotions, will, personality perhaps and other important stuff that i cant remember right now, my physical body and all its features like my hair, eyes, joints and phalanges.. and DNA was inherited(?). there wasn't anything i did that allowed me these things (for lack of a better word). and there wasn't anything i didnt do. i had no part in it at all actually. this is just who i am. i (all physical power, mental will power and all other power within "i") had zero control or say about any of this. i was essentially given this hand of cards when i didnt know how to play poker or have any desire to play at all really. so straying from annoyingly deep thoughts, HERE "I" AM. all of "me" was inherited (also for lack of a better word).
sometimes i think about when people (...and me) say things like "my smile" or "my metabolism" because is it really there's/mine? i dont know. im confused. a pretty nerdy thing to be confused by some might think. its just the way my "inherited" brain thinks :). so anyways.. i think when talking of the material and immaterial parts of our being we should say [this/these is/are in my "possession."] why(?) do you ask! thanks for asking by the way :). possession means the "actual holding or occupancy with or without rightful ownership." ha yes i love it. something can be in your possession, but that "thing" may not actually be yours, but because it is in your possession you are responsible for it.
for example, if i let my friend corey (Dbot) meyers borrow my car (which is non-existent) because he has secured a date for friday but gets pulled over, cause he always does, and the cop finds a bag of weed in the trunk, guess who is responsible for that bag of weed? yes ladies and gentlemen you are right.. if you say corey was responsible. this is true even if the car is registered in my name. the bag of weed wasn't corey's, it was mine, but because corey took my car and since the weed was in "his possession" he is held responsible. legitimate ownership is not relevant here. i smell a connection. sniff.. sniff (maybe its just me)
somewhere in, i believe its 1 corinthians chapter six it says, "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body." Paul is writing about sexual sin and says that christians have been bought at a price: the blood of Jesus. so because of this we are not our own. ownership doesn't land upon us but upon God. He has ownership. in the christian circle we call this lordship. Jesus is our Lord. but this inherited, lordship, ownership thing goes further i do believe. and we are getting to my favorite part: personal possessions.
last sunday daniel, when at church, texted me and reminded me of one of my favorite verses in all the bible. acts 4:32. sometimes this verse tortures my mind and especially my flesh and pride, but it thrills my spirit. "Now the company of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things which he possessed was his own, but they had everything in common." basically they shared!.. Everything! maybe the reason these early followers of the way didn't hold on to their possessions wasn't because they got, through the Holy Spirit, randomly compassionate or loving, which is of coarse a general result, but maybe, just maybe, it was because they realized (which would be through the Holy Spirit's enablement) that just because "these things" were in their possession they actually didn't own them! yes! i believe so!
Through the infilling of the Spirit they figured out something essential to what it means to be human: that humans don't own anything (though they do possess "things"). i suppose it would take more time and more evidence to prove to some that this is true, whether it is or not (i am not really sure to be honest), but maybe i could do that another time. but it is interesting.. all of this. "things" can become gods. instead of being grateful of the "things" we have "inherited," material and immaterial, and worshipping God as God and provider and giver, we can turn these "things" themselves into little gods all because we want ownership. in the end most of my flesh wants to be in charge. it wants to be Lord.
so obviously we have a responsibility; even more so then if we actually owned these "things," but we dont. they are gifts. possession does not equal ownership, but it still demands careful stewardship.
idk.. just food for thought :)

hopefully this makes sense ..