March 2, 2009


where do i even start
this is written as a response ..or in response to daniel's blog which is on his site. to understand mine wholly please read his. its a tear-jerker
god has been absurdly gracious to me in the area of relationships.. amongst other things..
its not the fact that god has taught me things or blessed me, but what makes me stop and ponder is 'what' he has taught and through whom he has taught me (all the people here are my close friends.. maybe i will talk about other people later).
here it goes...
adam. dude you are my best friend and when i told you, that one day in the hicks center, that i loved you as myself it was true.. then and hopefully now too. i do my best :) i pray that our lives will be lived together, that we can spur one another one towards our goals and dreams to live for god and love his people and to do church in a creative way that would make god want to be there. i wish you still lived with me you dirty mex cuz i miss you so freakin much. lets start a high school youth ministry in the whit already. first sermon series: the krux of the matter. marry me. your heart for your church is insane and i miss being that passionate about something. i watch how you interact with the peeps at your church and god's agape is really inside of you. i cant wait to continue to learn from you. lets drive across the country already!
katelyn. you are my other best friend. holy crap you change the world everyday you live. you preach with fire and you live with love and you paint with lots of colors. how do you do it? i hope we can always talk about memories at radiance and hammicks in the trees. i have no doubt that you will, through your loved-filled actions and speech, usher in the kingdom of god to places which currently sit in darkness. you are the funniest person ever. if you ever stop being you dont think i wont say something.
jordan. i have talked with many people who all believe you are the greatest human to ever live. i swear its true. your graceful ninjistics, your perfect sense of humor and your love for sara are all truly inspiring. when we all spent that day at adam's house, the flawless day, when the girls left later that night, sara was really upset and crying. i will never forget the way you held her and sat close to her and just cared for her. you have taught me, along with countless of other things, how to be selfless. lets all buy a giant house and start a ninja program for hurting and broken youth. i love you to death... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's
sara. freaking nasty hipster get a life. j/k. thank you for saying yes to marrying P.AB. (perfect american body). also thank you for wearing those head things i got you in india. thank you for giving me advice about girls and listening to my nonsense talk about shooting mini dolphins out of my fingertips. i hope someday you will impact an abused trafficked victim. you have a big heart and i want to be there when you become famous because you will. you are truly a living mentor and the phattiest embodiment of responsiblity and coolness.
mark. the reason you're demon-possessed is because you bought those catholic necklace charms you satan worshipper. j/k.. no but seriously you are a hell-raiser. you are the next francis chan and i am jealous. all you have to do is shave your head.. basic. you are wiser than you think and your words are butter to my toast. god is going to use your words to literally shape lives. dont neglect your lips or the articulations that come from them. if you stay here in california, the world better get ready cuz we are armed and dangerous.
corey. you do designs and they are better than looking at pictures of pretty girls. most of the time. you always keep me on my toes. thank you for being patient when you want to leave but we end up jamming for two more hours. thank you for being my roommate and talking with me about deep things like theology, philosophy and what it would be like if our souls swithced bodies :). thank you for driving me everywhere and thank you for taking up all the closet space with your nikes. never forget where all your talent comes from.
travis. you fat skinny man. what would the world look like without you? sorry for making fun of you at work today :). please accept my love. i dont know what you are going to do but whatever it is the world will look in awe. i once heard that 'beauty will save the world.' i pray this quote finds its way weaved into your future. you are creative and annoying. i love you. i pray you and danielle have a kick-ass wedding. i hope i can go. stop stealing my clean boxers. its rude and sinful.
manuela. never stop writing songs. i am a proud subscriber to your blogs. your written words flow like a gentle stream to my frontal lobe where they find their home.. i dont know what this means :). you are beautiful in every way. thank you for taking polariod pictures. thank you for talking and thank you for listening. you are a treasure. i want more chilly dogs. is this possible or out of the question? i pray that you would find contentment in jesus and your soul would live loud and free. always think deeply.
daniel. i made you last on purpose. for what purpose i am not sure but purposeful it was. you have taught me alot. your genuineness is unmatched. when you say you love god or that you think i am going to change the world (which nearly brings me to tears sometimes when i think about it) i know you are telling the truth. i wish i could answer all your questions about faith and healing :). o ya. you have taught me to question and ask alot of them. thank you for your love and your respect. i love it when people are respectful. lets fry random things on our skillet, honey bananas and spagetti until eternity gets here. i pray everything works out and i love you like a brother. may i never hold back what already belongs to you.
more to come...
i dont know why god has given me these great souls. i find it ridiculous when i am nothing more than garbage in the alley way.
if you dont know me or my friends you will probably not understand alot of this :) but i pray that you would be reminded of the graciousness god has bestowed upon you and learn, as i am learning, to lay down your life for your friends. that is a verse in the bible somewhere. 1 john something.