March 12, 2009

Moments :: Master Shepherd

you know those moments? those moments that are just too perfect for words and when you try to describe them it never does it justice so you just keep it to yourself? i had one of those yesterday. i just strolled in from work. the car ride home was quiet, well for me at least. i was tired and weary in my soul. i slid my backpack off my right arm, gently caught it with my hand and laid it down then walked into my room as it remained silent and still in the dark.
the sun was still setting because of daylight-savings and it was in prime position to be watched from my bedroom as it set slightly left of the other side of our apartment complex. the sparkling rays shooting into my window illuminated a golden strip of sunlight onto my closet door and down the hallway; the only light. that had never happened before. well i had never been home to see it.
and where was i? i stood right in the middle of that golden strip allowing the gentle light warm my chest and face as i squint my eyes. i placed my right arm on the wall slightly above my head and leaned there, silent and still. i just stood... took in the moment, eyes opened staring at the sun, trying to empty my mind of pointless thoughts. and it was then, right in my gut i felt peace. my heart was calmed. my mind refreshed. i was satisfied. and i remembered that Jesus is my Shepherd.. Psalm 23...