April 23, 2009

Jesus Shirt

i'll say she's hispanic because i'm not sure if she's mexican or not. but there is this girl in my class at work. her name i'll leave untyped for now. yesterday while trying to get my class to shut the heck up and do something productive i noticed something that made me think.
this girl, by the way, could be the omen in real life. you know that movie where satan, the devil, is incarnate as some little boy who at first glance seems pretty cute and cuddly but really has evil schemes to destroy and kill the world?.. ya that's her. ok so maybe not really, but she's almost there. yesterday she displayed abnormally worse behavior than normal. during homework hour when it's supposed to be quiet she was parading around, banging on the windows, tapping the markers super loudly on the desk, intentionally being rude, disrespectful, mocking me in front of everyone, laughing loud, and making a huge deal out of everything i said and any correction i tried to bring. now i'm saying all this because of the next part of the story. i finally got her to come to me to talk for a minute on the other side of the room, where most of the kids were not. while trying to understand what was happening inside her brain, i looked down at her shirt. all train of thought vanished. she was wearing one of those super cheesy Jesus crucified shirts.
all i could think was, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! INCONCEIVABLE!"
i was wondering later on what she thought about Jesus. and what she thought about that shirt. and what she thought about His crucifixion. if Jesus meant anything to her because He meant alot to me. i mean i know she is only in seventh grade and i was rebellious too. i cussed so much in junior high because it was cool. and i called myself a Christian. but i couldn't help but think about that verse in Joshua (i think) where it says and another generation grew up without the knowledge of the Lord or what He had done.
i really do hope and pray that this girl and all the kids in my class will grow out of their rebellious(ness) and learn about Jesus and what He has already done.