April 28, 2009

Reflections on Love

random, feeble reflections on 1 Corinthians 13:4..

i'm not convinced this is the best word for it, but i believe love has a direction. in fact love has many directions. it may even be that love has all directions. the reason is because for love, and i'm talking about true love (what the bible defines as love), is always directed towards something. i'll say it another way, probably even more confusing, but love can never not have a direction. and in the case of this real, biblical love it is directed toward people.
this brings us to our second and even more obvious reflection that love assumes something else or rather someone else. it would be a false statement to say, "love is the only thing that exists." why would this be false? because in order for love to be love there has to be something or someone love can direct itself towards. this is because love is always directed towards something because love is never only directed towards itself. so since love has to be directed towards something other than itself love can never be the only thing that exists. yaaa :)
all of this is important because love can not be contained in the one. love is not expressed when i'm by myself. i will only know if i have love, if i love, when i am with another person.
take advantage of the opportunities you have to love your neighbor for true love can only be expressed towards another. don't waste these moments for they are precious i am coming to realize.