July 18, 2009


what drives you

a question asked by my friend bij

now for my response

there are actually a lot of things that drive me
these things being people
persons with names and faces and stories
most of them young
some of them free
all of them perfect
their names are andy, justin, patty, max, laura, babaloo, brandon, marylin, brady, athena, brittany, ashley, brian, zach, mason, sydnee, tucker and ariel
they were, are and always will be my youth kids
what drives me the most is the thought of them being transformed by the God who grasps them and then living in a way that would honor that transforming, that experience; a complete abandonment of the world and its corrupt systems and futile endeavors for a life lived under the banner of Christ’s radical love led by the precious Holy Spirit

feel free to explore your answer