July 23, 2009

kauai day 1 (midday)

six minutes to the hour of 1pm and jordan and sarah's little one bedroom residence has been emptied of them both. jordan is at his nursing presentation while sarah is probably making some venti mocha coffee crap at starbucks, which leaves me here, in their little one bedroom residence hanging with myself.
its been three hours since i awoke for the day and i've done, i think anyways, everything i know to do: ate frosted flakes, an apple, washed my bowl and spoon, read some proverbs, read some kierkegaard, chatted on facebook, charged my phone, went outside, put away my bed, got dressed and even brushed my teeth. that's pretty freakin productive.
also, its monsoon(ing) like mad. the silence has been overcome by the persistent pouring of millions of heavy rain drops. i don't mind it though cause its semi-comforting and reminds me of india some. i think my favorite part though is the outside shower. barricaded by a 5-foot green fence, it's nestled behind a huge shrubbery. basic livin kauai style. i showered last night in it like a pro. it seemed as if i'd showered there millions of times before.
last night was eventful for sure. taco bell with sarah (first things first), cruise to get jordan at school, costco, fixed ride, caught up, ate chicken cesar salad as the day's final meal and tag-teamed a ferocious cane spider.
i've survived my first 24 hours. we'll see about the rest...