November 15, 2012

The Rolling Jubilee

"There’s something very good about forgiveness," writes Felix Salmon, concluding his post on Occupy's latest bright idea, Rolling Jubilee. Indeed!

I heard about Rolling Jubilee a couple days ago while reading Richard Beck's blog. And since then I've read several articles from writers across the political spectrum. So far, everything I've read salutes the idea and its biblical roots and ancient genius.

Among the articles I read was one written by Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, which I'm currently working through. It's quite good.

Some others engaging the idea are Anya Kamenetz, senior writer at Fast Company, author Matthew Yglesias and Tim Worstall at Forbes.

Rolling Jubilee is kicking things off officially tonight! You can stream it live. The ole biblical witness, with its outdated ideas, is applicable today. Who'd a thought?