March 16, 2012

I am Going to Kenya: A Blogovized Support Letter

Hey Friends and Family,

My professor, Dan Stewart, is leading a trip of Life Pacific College students, me included, to Kenya in Africa in the month of May. Admittedly, I was a little late in joining the trip (I was only able to join because someone dropped and decided not to go!), but because my friend Chantal convinced me it was not too late, I asked and whala, by the hairs of my chiny-chin-chin, I'm in! As my last summer as a student—I'm graduating in May—I wanted to take advantage and travel with some amazing people all the while discovering Christ in the people of Kenya.

But I need your help! I need prayer and money ($3,200). If you would like to support me by prayer, by all means please do so. I would be honored if you prayed for my team and I as we go. We need love, faith, wisdom, protection and guidance (for starters). Also, if you would like to support financially as well, I would be honored just the same! I wanted to make donating as easy as possible so I put a donate button below that is linked directly to my Wells Fargo Bank account through paypal.

If you, like me, don't have anything to give, you can check back here to my blog occasionally. I am attempting to write updates during trip preparation about how things are going. Also, upon returning, I will be posting and sharing about the lives and stories that we experience and encounter in Kenya as well. I appreciate any and all who have read this and are considering supporting me in any way. Love, Grace and Peace!

May God continue to open us up to His beautiful world through the partaking and sharing of our adventures in Christ.


Nick R. Pack

P.S. If you make a donation, please let me know by writing a comment below or message through facebook. Thank you!